INBD Trust


Indraprastha Baglamukhi Mata Charitable Trust is a non-profitable trust. The trust helps running many Old Age Homes, Goupalan and Gurukul – Education for all to help our society. Trust works for the advancement of religious and spiritual education, irrespective of cast, creed, language and religion. We also promote the Indian culture and educational heritage and undertake projects to promote social, economic, cultural and spiritual development of people at large with a holistic approach. With a prime objective of ‘Reaching the Unreached’ to provide healthcare to the undeserved and the poor in the remote areas, Indraprastha Baglamukhi Mata Charitable Trust continues to serve the community it has been serving with renewed vigour and dedication.

The problems of poverty, illiteracy and homelessness seem to fall hardest on the children of migratory families, these families struggle to find basic child care and nutrition let alone guarantee an education for their children. In our experience, most parents tend to become helpless and hopeless while others settle for very mean options, some parents even turn violent and abusive; leaving these children in spaces they don’t feel safe. Indraprastha Baglamukhi Mata Charitable Trust believes in looking at these issues from the source. Not only do we provide children an enabling environment but through family counselling we build a safe space for them at home through Family strengthening and economic strengthening. It’s only when a child is happy, healthy and loved that we have achieved our goal.


Our Vision is to make under privileged children, uncared orphans, feed stray animals, neglected old people by creating one family roof and provide them food, shelter, clothing, education, care and protection throughout their life. We aim to preserve family by meeting their needs through community programs. We aspire to develop these programs and reach the wider migrant communities of India, bringing awareness and advocacy to this population.


Our Mission is to provide unconditional help to the poor and needy in the society

  • To feed hungry, poor and stray animals daily on streets, destitute homes, orphanages, and where there are hungry stomachs.
  • To provide free medical treatment to poor and homeless, needy.
  • To provide shelter to Orphan and poor children with all facilities in family environment.
  • To provide permanent solution to homeless.
  • To facilitate last rite service to orphan and poor dead bodies.
  • To provide old age homes to neglected old people.To distribute Food, clothes and provide shelter to orphan kids, old age people, people and street identified individuals.
  • To identify uncared people on streets, transform them into respectful citizens by cleaning, caring.
  • To educate poor children in slums